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CF Concept is a refreshing and cutting edge jewellery brand full of unique pieces from Danish designer Charlotte Flyvholm. Her designs incorporate a Scandinavian ethos coupled with inspiration from adventures around the world. Based in London Charlotte is re-invigorating the jewellery scene with a mix of distinct and contemporary designs.


Vibes thrown into the mix

Well hey there..

Charlotte Flyvholm

So, I'm not sure I have a legitimate excuse for being away from the blog for, err, 9months... 

A brief summary since my last post:
We are now stocking in some great stores in London Wolf & Badger in Mayfair has been off to a fab start with CFconcept named one of the top 3 jewellers in store!  *dance*
We are also stocked in Tomfoolery in Hampstead a beautiful shop filled with so many glittering gems and sparkling metals you can't help but glow.
The Clerkenwell Collection, a hip and groovy new hang out for all those needing top wines, suits, bags, shoes and wait for it...jewellery!
You can also find us on this ridiculously luxurious website: Gift Library the perfect destination for gifts.

A very brief rundown but to see what else we've been up to click on the links below and to get it all in picture format follow us on instagram. 

So long.