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CF Concept is a refreshing and cutting edge jewellery brand full of unique pieces from Danish designer Charlotte Flyvholm. Her designs incorporate a Scandinavian ethos coupled with inspiration from adventures around the world. Based in London Charlotte is re-invigorating the jewellery scene with a mix of distinct and contemporary designs.


Vibes thrown into the mix

Charlotte Flyvholm

Cold first day of summer

Charlotte Flyvholm

In the run up to the first day of summer the weather has been great - bright and warm - so my hopes were up. In true British style, however, wind and rain seemed to prevail! Furthermore I got a terrible cold so this weekend has been a bit of a battle and I wasn't looking forward to the Monday blues. I was therefore pleasantly, really ridiculously pleasantly, surprised to find Norman (ring) in The Metro this morning winking away at all the London commuters. Not such a bad start to the week after all. 

For those of you going through a glum Monday - here's a button for you.

Is Jewellery Art?

Charlotte Flyvholm



We’ve been busy here at the CF Concept studio - launch of new website = a lot more work. In and amongst the admin & orders I found this short piece: Is Jewellery Art? 

What do you think? 

Alice Cicolini,  Drawing Jewels for Fashion  by Carol Woolton

Alice Cicolini, Drawing Jewels for Fashion by Carol Woolton

Love tokens

Charlotte Flyvholm

{Love letters}

{Love letters}

Valentine's day is fast approaching and if you're not so good with the ol' pen and paper then why not say it with jewellery. If a picture is worth a thousand words well then, really, you just can't beat the bling.

{Norma with Red Ruby}

{I love RD - rough diamonds}

{RwtS - rough with the smooth}

Glitz and gold never goes amiss. Have a look at the website here for a some more inspiration. In the meantime we will be looking forward to V day, starting this evening, with a launch at the Wolf & Badger store in Notting Hill. Knees up! Let's jiggle this.

Wolves & Badgers... for Valentine's

Charlotte Flyvholm

We are so excited to announce that we have a great stockist on board: Wolf & Badger, in their own words, are an exciting and unique retail concept that promotes and supports exciting, independent design talent and retails only the best new generation fashion, jewellery, accessories and interiors brands.

The CF Concept collection has been dropped off and will be on the shelves from the 1st Feb - well hello.

{Launch invite}

Let's get this party started! Join us for some perusing, some clinking of glasses and later, perhaps, some dancing... 

Spread the love people.

JFW: Jewellery, Fashion and Watches magazine

Charlotte Flyvholm

{Klint bracelet}

We are very happy to have been featured in (and on the cover with the Dome bracelet) JFW magazine. The team was great and was headed by the amazing stylist Marcella Martinelli-Sverrisson and the talented Elizabeth Gibson - the whole project was a fine challenge with lots of hard work but quite a bit of fun too. Ultimately we ended up with some great shots of a few CF Concept pieces along with the cover! Very happy indeed. For the whole story please see here.

{RD ring and RD earrings}

{Dome necklace}

{Mastiff ring}

{Norman ring}

{The Dome bracelet on the cover}